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Are you ready for a surprise? ?

We have launched Restfully v1.0, our first deal ever on this platform that comes with great and interesting features. You can check out everything you need to know about REST Here

Rest’s first project, WEALTH CITY (Phase 1), is now selling on our platform!

Investment Overview:
Project Name: Wealth City Phase1
Holding Period: Minimum 12 Months
Size: 600 sqm(Per plot)

WEALTH CITY PHASE 1 is a Landed Property Estate Located at KM 9, Abeokuta-Lagos Expressway, Kobape, Abeokuta, Ogun State. The size Per Plot is 600sqm. Wealth City is a 15mins drive to the expressway,15mins to the Governor’s office, and 55mins to Lagos state. It is Managed and Developed by Chrestovest Multiservices Limited. This is a piece of prime real estate uniquely suited for residential and commercial purposes. It is an estate built in a serene, friendly environment with ultra-modern facilities such as electricity, security, good drainage, and good land topography. facilities such as electricity, security, good drainage, and good land topography.

The Holding Period of this Option is Minimum of 12 Months.
The value of a token is Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000) which means that a unit or fraction of this investment can be acquired for Fifty Thousand Naira. There is no Fixed
Transaction Cost: No Charges…
The Return on Investment is 50%.
Let’s take a Practical example: If John bought 10 Tokens at the rate of 50,000 per token. The total value of his token would be 500,000. In 12 Months, John is entitled to a Gross Return of 250,000 Naira on his 500,000 Naira. The Total Expected Returns = 750,000 Naira.
No Withholding Tax on this Project – Participating in this project will give you an opportunity to earn 50% returns in 12 months.

N:B: This offer is open for just 14 days

Click Here To Participate And Start Earning

Terms used in the project
Tokens: A Token is a fraction of a particular Real Estate property that gives you the right to benefit from what the property provides.
Benefit: The Benefit in this project is the return on your investment.
Minimum Investment: This means the lowest amount anyone can pay for these investments, the investment option has a minimum investment per token, for this project.
Holding period: The period in which the investment is held before interest and initial capital is paid. The holding period starts when the total funding is raised and development has started.
Transaction fee: This fee covers transaction costs involved in processing of funds raised.
Gross Return: Gross return is the total profit on your Invest
Net Return: Net Return is the Profit after Tax has been deducted
Total Expected Return: The Summation of your Investment capital and returns. This is the value that is paid into your account after holding Period.
Property Development: These are a range of activities and Processes that includes acquisition, building and developing facilities within a Particular Property.

At REST, we believe there is a better way to invest in Real Estate. An easier, more affordable way. We are obviously passionate about it and our mission is to help people achieve financial freedom through our solutions. We focus on making real estate investments accessible to the masses using our digital crowdfunding model. We’re excited to begin the journey to simplify property investments through our software, education, and community!
Our Goal: One of the company’s desire, is to become Africa’s first and biggest regulated platform for real estate investments that enables people to grow their wealth by collectively investing in income-generating properties.

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