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How Do I Make Money From Real Estate Co-ownership

Real Estate is undoubtedly one of the safest ways to build and sustain wealth and generational legacies. With Real Estate Co-ownership it’s like being invited to a buffet to pick from the many choices of profitability offerings.

How do you make money from Real Estate co-ownership?

Now that you are informed that Real Estate can make you a fortune, let’s go into details on how co-ownership makes the difference. 

Co-ownership gives you access to make diversified investments across different properties that you love with the minimum budget. This alone is so much benefit for your invested capital.

Location plays a very sensitive role in Real Estate investments because it will determine to what degree and time you can profit from the Real Estate market. A slice of Dubai, and Ikoyi will obviously be more valuable than an acre in a very remote village in Oyo state – the secret? Location.

With co-ownership, you can be assured of shared responsibility which in turn will place a high expectation on all co-owners to monitor each property portfolio to profitability; to this essence. It is advisable to only co-own in a place where you can be assured of a structured system of monitoring your asset.

With co-ownership, you can also be assured of capital appreciation. In Real Estate, apart from the passive income you earn from a rental property, you also enjoy capital gains overtime. Let me explain this better:

Mr John buys a block of flat with 19 people for 25 million naira

and Mr. John pays 1,250,000 for His own unit of the apartment. 

The apartment makes #1,500,000 per annum on rent; 

after deducting operating expenses, there is #1,000,000 to 

share among all investors. All investors keep getting rental 

income from that property, but they still own unit of that 

property that has their capital,

Let’s imagine that 2 years after, this property is now selling 

for 28million, which means that the total capital invested has 

appreciated by 3 million. Which means that if Mr. John decides

 to liquidate this asset, He will be getting 1,400,000 instead of 

1,250,000 that was invested; apart from the money He has been 

making on rental income.

This capital appreciation is exactly the crème de la crème of Real Estate profitability.
Finally, to make money from Real Estate Co-ownership, you need to understand that Real Estate is a game of time. You buy when no one was ever predicting how profitable it can become and hold. Hold and profit my friend. Hold! Click here to begin your journey.

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