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About Nigeria Floating Naira

You may have burning questions about the recent “CBN floating” announcements.

So let’s dive into a small economic talk (I promise to make it short and simple)

All in all, the CBN is just facing the market’s reality… (Even an idan knows when to give up)

Unifying the markets (official and parallel) is the only way to induce stability in the Naira.

Because although the price for dollars will go up initially (possibly, triggering inflation), exports will be encouraged, foreign investors will be more willing to bet on Nigeria, and everyone will have easier access to the dollar (if all goes to plan).

You might have wondered why REST has been focused on real estate investment opportunities across the borders lately, and the primary reason for this is the high instability with the Nigerian market and the Naira as a whole.

But with this development, we’ll continue to observe the long-term trends in the Naira to see if Naira-based Fractional Real Estate and property options will benefit you.

However, as you go about your daily affairs and wealth-building activities, please do not give in to fear-mongering from people looking to manipulate this wave for their benefit (because there will be).

Ask questions, inform yourself, open your mind to various possibilities, and continue building that long-term wealth with stable investment opportunities. 

 The Rest Trybe is always open to help you with any queries. Join our Telegram channel with the green button below. 

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