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All You Need To Know About REST REALTY, And Our Partnership With Them

REST is a proptech and biggest registered platform for real estate investments that enables people to grow their wealth by collectively investing in income-generating properties. REST makes real estate investing, easy, hassle-free, and less risky for people by allowing people to invest for as low as $100 in foreign and local properties.

Through REST, users can reap all the benefits of direct real estate investments (i.e., by owning the properties) and reduce their risk by allocating their capital across a number of properties all through our digital platform and solution.

What Do We Do?

At REST, we believe there is a better way to invest in Real Estate. An easier, more affordable way. We are obviously passionate about it and our mission is to help people achieve financial freedom through our solutions. We focus on making real estate investments accessible to the masses using our digital crowdfunding model. We’re excited to begin the journey to simplify property investments through our software, education, and community!
Our Goal: One of the company’s desire, is to become Africa’s first and biggest regulated platform for real estate investments that enables people to grow their wealth by collectively investing in income-generating properties.

Start investing in prime Dubai, Rwanda and Nigeria rental properties from as low as $100 with the biggest and largest digital real estate crowdfunding platform. Real Estate Investments at your Fingertips

Here is how it works!

STEP 1: We source, screen, and verify investment properties using a 100-point proprietary screening tool to offer you only the best
opportunities. To provide an extra layer of comfort, we use a 3rd party valuator to back up our assessment.

STEP 2: Once the property is 100% funded, we create a Special name tag (SNT) for the selected property where you along with your fellow investors become official owners of that SNT.

STEP 3: Rental income proportional to your investment is transferred to your digital wallet where you can reinvest or withdraw your balance anytime. Rental returns are usually distributed based on the terms of the tenancy contract.

STEP 4: Although the recommended holding period for real estate investments is 2 years, you can exit your investment anytime by either listing your shares in the secondary market or calling in a vote for selling the property.

REST Partnership with CHRESTOVEST will be birthing;

  1. Hassle-Free Investment Process: The entire process is digital. Making your investment journey convenient, transparent and efficient. Once you make your investment, you can sit back and relax while the property gets quickly funded (typically within 7-14  days) and earn the expected returns on time. Our client relations team is always available to address all your inquiries.
  2. Smooth Exit Process: There is no lock-in period. Although we recommend a holding period 5 years, investors are free to exit the property at any point in time. There are several options, which some of it are: calling in a vote amongst your fellow investors to sell the property on the market or listing your shares on our secondary market for others to purchase.
  3. Continuous Cashflow: You can earn a return by owning a share of an individual property. The returns are issued from the property tag and you receive a share of returns proportionate to your investment as a shareholder. The frequency of returns are based on the current tenancy contract and how many cheques the tenant pays their rent in.

    You can also earn return by investing independently base on the available deals and earn a consistent return depending on your desired duration.

  4. Investment Safety: You are in 100% control of funds in your digital wallet. Base on our structure, REST is expected to provide regular reports to her auditors on the client money account as well as conduct regular independent audits on the client money account. Think of your digital wallet like a separate bank account to keep your capital safe to invest on the REST platform . You can add or withdraw your funds from your digital wallet at any time after your investment duration, and at a cost for immediate withdrawal before your due date. 


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